July 20, 2018
1 Month and 29 days left
until our celebration.


 Hello! Happy you found your way here.  Now let's help you find your way to Las Vegas. This website is a place to get additional information, updates and more, for the upcoming reunion, planned by Debbie and Sheila.

It doesn't matter if you're attending or not the website is for all the family to share photos, memories, opinions, ideas and messages.  Reconnect  with each other, you might say.

There's a Quiz Page, that will change weekly, a Poll Page for your opinion,  about reunion and other topics, that will be changing weekly. For both of these pages feel free to submit questions. You'll find the form on the Contact Page

In the Travelers ​pages you'll find information on
  • Finding the best airfare
  • Options for accommodations nearby
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Best sightseeing places 
  • Extended Day Trips
  • Fun places for the kids
  • Free things to see
  • and so much more

Before you start looking around, you’ll need to register or sign in, for privacy purposes.  Just “CLICK” on any of the pages to your left and it will prompt you to create username and password.  You'll have to wait for approval, normally only minutes. (note: lenght of approval is based onLas Vegas time  8am  to 9pm PST/DLS outside of this time frame, check back later.) This process was put in place to keep the website just for family.  When entering information only give what you feel comfortable submitting.  If you put in your birthday it will go to the ​Calendar Page for all to share. Don't forget to register your family or let them. Any age "Welcome"

If you have questions, submit them through the ​Contact Us  Page. You'll find all contact info there.  Website will be updating and changing nearly everyday, so come back often.

see you in
"​Vegas Baby"



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